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About Us

Your community tavern in River Falls - locally owned & operated.
Fine Wine+ Specialty Drinks
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Johnnie's Bar was founded in 1946 by Johnnie Linehan. Genevieve & Johnnie owned the bar until the late 60s when they sold to Glen Bottolfson & Ken Kahne. This duo owned the bar for a short time until they sold it to local Tony Spina. In the mid 1970s, Tim Linehan purchased the bar (Johnnie's & Genevieve's son). Tim and Sandy Linehan owned the bar until 2004 when Dave & Cheryl Dintemann purchased Johnnie's Bar.

Through Johnnie's Bar, the Linehans established a solid foundation in River Falls, steeped in community support and outreach. Their philanthropic approach to small business was right on the mark and lends a hand to the continued success of the business. We happily undertook the tradition of community involvement that founder Johnnie Linehan initiated.


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Dave and Cheryl Dintemann

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